Saturday, February 6, 2010

* 02.06 // The Global Open

* The Burton Global Open Halfpipe Finals *

Burton Snowboards brings its Global Open series to Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, AB. Congratulations go out to all the riders, especially iPod(Iouri Podladtchikov) of Switzerland for winning gold & nailing those Double Corks. Also a shoutout to Dustin Craven for being the most laidback pipedestroyer ever. I did my best to track the riders by their bib numbers so some, but not all, are labeled. Check the Burton Canadian Open website for more info & Check out a great writeup of the even on the PUSH.CA Blog. I hope you enjoy my first real attempt at shooting a snowboard contest. Slopestyle pics coming soon!


Canada Olympic Park
Halfpipe Finals List
King of The Hill
Takin' It To The Top
The 22' Superpipe
The Crowd Assembling


Sarah Conrad - Japan Fakie

Kendall Brown - Alleyoop Method Air
Unknown - Frontside Air
Unknown - Backside Air
Sarah Conrad - Frontside Air
Brett Esser - Frontside Cork 720

Justin Lamoureux - Backside 540 McTwist
Manuel Pietropoli - Frontside 900 Tailgrab

Markus Malin - Frontside Air

Justin Lamoureux - Pipe Hike

Janne Korpi - Frontside 720 Stalefish

Riders Starting Gate
Daniel Friberg - Frontside Air // Backside 900 Tailgrab
Dustin Craven - Scoping Out The Competition
Patrick Burgener - Frontside Rodeo 900

Johann Baisamy - Frontside Cork 1080 Tailgrab

Ben Watts - Backside 900 Rodeo
Tasuku Ishizaki - Cab Frontside 1080

Dustin Craven - Frontside 900 Melon

Markus Malin - Backside 900 Double McTwist

Tasuku Ishizaki - Frontside 720 Indy
iPod (Iouri Podladtchikov) - Cab 1080 Double Cork
The Pipe & The Suburbs
Ben Mates - Pipe Hike
Straight Down The 22' Monster
Dustin Craven - Dropping In To Go Big

Dustin Craven - Frontside 900 Melon

Best Seat In The House

Antti Autti - Frontside 900 Stalefish

Patrick Burgener - Frontside Rodeo 900

Manuel Pietropoli - Lofty Frontside Air

Manuel Pietropoli - Backside 900 McTwist

iPod (Iouri Podladtchikov) - Victory Run Tucknee Indy

Sarah Conrad & iPod - Waiting For The Results
Women's Podium - Left to Right
2nd: Sarah Conrad, 1st: Kendall Brown, 3rd: Mercedes Nicoll
Men's podium - Left to Right
2nd: Justin Lamoureux, 1st: Iouri Podladtchikov, 3rd: Markus Malin
Men's Halfpipe Winnier 2010 - iPod (Iouri Podladtchikov)